Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weird dream/Subconscence

Your Health Matters Because You Matter.

Those were the words I said in a dream involving an evil mouse, battling an obsese boy, and going about it in a video-game like matter in a setting simular to my workplace.
I had to move this heavy thing across the floor. This mouse was looking at random loonies and twonies on the floor. It had a guilty face/a face of someone about to do something wrong. I finally finished hauling the heavy thing, when I looked back. The mouse had put on some kind of costume, and was in control of this obsese guy.
I dodged under this structure located where one of the Bluray DVD shelves would be along the 'racetrack' and gathered my strength.
The setting slowly turned into my old Elementary school playground/field and I began fighting the fat guy on a play structure.
I kept shouting positive/advice as I fought back, which had an effect on him. He ended up on his back, and I ended up looking at him in the eye and saying the lines above: "Your health matters because You matter".

This is clearly my subconscence telling me to get off my ass and be more positive/stop isolating.
Maybe the therepy is finally kicking in.
You know, this is one thing I could also say to my mother to get her to shut up.
I cant help but thinking that.

Ugh. Everyone in my family phones me up to either bitch about some issue around the house, or something at work.
I'm getting sick of it.
I'm not even going to answer the phone.

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