Friday, October 22, 2010



I've let myself get fat and lethargic again.
Not very hard when you're working for the third most evil company in the world.

I just eat. And sleep. And cook. And eat. And Sleep. And sleep some more.
Hell, I wouldnt be surprised if I sleep-eat.
I bought a yoga DVD yesterday. {For those of you who have no idea who the fuck I am, or rather, what my ego has set up; I concider myself a feminist punk. Yup. Green Mohawk. Piercings. Spikes. The whole Shabang.}
Buying a Yoga DVD for me was like a Reverend buying porn........which probably happens every day, so I'll use a better example: Like.....Well, a feminist chick buying into the whole society's standards.
I dont believe I'm overweight.
I just feel unfit and gross. I dont think I've repeatidly done any excersize in almost two years.
It's a shame, because excersize did help my depression.
Now, I just have to actually get off my ass, pop the DVD in, and start with the leg crossing!
I hate the Yoga train though.
Yoga is a deep, Ancient, sacred practice. Not some fad-of-the-month quickie weight loss solution.
I doubt Jillian Michaels even knows what a Bodhisvatta is!
(I'm actually surprised I spelt that correctly without reference material!)
But still.........As a Zen Buddhist, I may as well partake in the excersize which has transformed many people.
Ugh. After bed.

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