Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Chowder dream

When I was young, I had a cat named Chowder.
He was a white coated, green eyed, pink nosed, short hair with a tendency to wander away.
He disappeared Friday, July 13 2001. That night, we had a tornado in Calgary.
We all huddled in the basement as my mom tried to comfort my sister- Chowder's #1 girl, into thinking he would come home. He never did.

In my dream, I had attempted to mail Chowder in my Dad's yellow duffle bag, across the country. Either I was moving or something, but I remember being a bit worried.
I think either the trip took longer than expected, or that I had forgotten about him, but I had overheard that they store all luggage in a freezer.
To my horror, I came to this freezer, dug through piles of bags, until I saw the yellow bag.
Praying half assed that he'd be alive and expecting the worst, I unzipped the bag to find his fur.
He'd been skinned, but there was no blood.
Inside the fur, I pulled out some kind of fleshy object- His heart.
It looked like a real-life human heart. Complete with veins and whatnot.
I wasnt overtly sad, but uneasy. It kinda put me at peace almost.
I read somewhere long ago that Ancient Egyptians took out all of the organs of their dead during mumification, but left the heart intact. They believed a person truely lived life and had fun with the heart, rather than the mind.
I guess this put me at ease.

DREAM: October 22/10
Moon Cycle: Blood Moon.

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