Saturday, September 18, 2010

You've been tagged!

Been reading up on a recent news article about a Sixteen Year Old Girl who was drugged at a rave and Gang-Raped by half a dozen people in a field.
In the age of surveilance, how did anyone NOT see this?!
We have surveilance footage of a homeless guy being thrown from a dumpster into a dump truck.
We also have footage of Amy Winehouse smoking crack. (Big Surprise there.)
But why, when it comes to actual hard-wired evidence, did this somehow go un-noticed?
There are Seventeen pictures on facebook of it. The guy who posted them is gonna get a talkin' to by the RCMP, and maybe a slap on the wrist for distribution of what's concidered 'Child Pornography'.
Uh, this isnt pornography.
Pornography is usually heavily digitally enhanced pictures of anorexic, seventy-five percent plastic Women fornicating with other equally plasticated Men/Women/Donkeys.
*Insert a million Donkey = Ass/Porn Title jokes here.*
It's consentual and payed. Unless you're the donkey. 
(And if you're reading this, Mr. Donkey, you're a donkey who can not only read english, but navigate the internet to read this. I'm proud of you! Now go get another job. No, not those type of jobs!)
This was Rape. What's worse is the guy taking the pictures didnt do anything to HELP this girl!

She's now living with this ordeal and there's a dozen photos of her strewn all over the internet of her, barely conscience/on GHB (the 'date rape' drug), while being fucked by half a dozen douchbags in a line!
(And you thought the facebook photos of you dancing drunk on a table in some backwater bar were bad!)

The RCMP claim that they simply cannot pinpoint all the pictures strewn about because Facebook is so vast and picture sharing has become so widely available, that it would take about a year of hacking to neutralize all the photos from all sources. So....
You can find and shut down illegal mp3 streaming operations.
You can prevent me from using my roommate's credit card to buy a pet goat on ebay.
You can use infrared technology to find ammo dumps.
You can spend countless hours streaming the BP Oil Disaster to CNN.
But you cant help a Sixteen year old girl find her attackers and maybe get her dignity back.

Yeah, Okay.
I'll just go back to tagging drunken photos of my sister dancing on a table now.
Thats the great thing though about having a twin on Facebook.
That supposed little blurry black dot fighting crocodiles while plummeting down a waterfall?
Totally Me.

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