Thursday, September 23, 2010

Early Morning Ramble- 1

I just want to stay in bed today.
Stupid responsibility.

There comes a time in one's life where they wish to move.
To Change.
To go ahead and continue further on the path through the hazy waters of adulthood.

This person isnt me.

I dont want this person to be me, and quite frankly, I dont understand why I have to be this person.
I'm perfectly fine and content with who I am, as well as where I live, what I eat, and how much I have.
I dont own alot of things.
I dont eat alot.
I dont feel the need to gain more money (yet. Christmas is coming up.)

I dont want to start a family.
I dont want a larger apartment, or more clothes.

It's the double standard: You're greedy if you want things, and you're insane if you dont.
You're frivilous if you buy things. You're stingy if you dont.
Capitalism is evil and demeaning. Communism is Soul crushing and pointless.

Where's the dust to cling?

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