Saturday, September 11, 2010

Music Rant 1

For the last month, I've been listening to Sonic Youth non-stop.
Before that, it was Kap Bambino.
Before THAT was Crystal Castles.

I'm wondering if this is either something more deeply rooted in my psyche, or if I'm just succumbing to any average young person's interest in music.

Kim Gordon, the Bassist for Sonic Youth, is definately on my list of powerful women in rock.
I'm so amazed at almost everything that spouts from her mouth.
Sure, she's guarded and edgy...But who isnt?
Best of all, it isnt an act. That and she actually knows what the fuck she's talking about.

I cant believe some of the idiotic things most tween pop stars say these days.
I'm sure people can remember that twat Miley Cyrus's 'racism scandal', in where the fucking twat  singer was photographed mocking some Asian guy by doing the slanty eyes thing.
OH and some wonderful words of wisdom from Shiloh! (Who?)

Interviewer: So what can you tell me about your single? What was the inspiration you followed?
Shiloh: Well...Uhm..Like, I didnt actually, like, write the song.

Sorry. That was the sound of my skull imploding.

Now, back in the day (the 80s...), most punk rockers got by on writting their OWN SHIT.
Like, picking up a pen and paper, and writting things down. Then creating a melody through practice.
I know that Sonic Youth still produces their own music, even though they're all on their merry little ways of becoming grumpy old people.
(Kim still looks fucking beautiful, and her husband/bandmate Thurston Moore hasn't aged a whole lot.....Maybe gingers really are all secretly evol trolls. He reminds me of every guy I went to highschool with. I will post further self-created conspiracy theories on why Kim Gordon may just be the devil. I've got my Dad on this theory as well....)
The Beatles also followed this somewhat foreign practice of creativity/talent.
I bet you Paul McCartney can source every song he's ever written. Thats because, uh, HE ACTUALLY WROTE ALL OF 'EM!
I was taught this at VFS: When your results suck, you suck. No matter what you do, if you dont do the work/put in the time and effort, you not only lose power in everything you do, you never really gain the power to begin with. The power of talent, work, and self respect.

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