Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Exist and Desist.

I am a girl trying to find out who I am.
Trying to find my way.

I dont know how important my impact on the world is, but I go about my days with the notion in my head that I'm glad just to be alive.
I am recovering from an eight year drug addiction, as well as a lifelong issue with severe depression.
I have no family, a crummy job....Really, the only connection I have to where I'm living now is some friends, and the fact I exist in general.
I am into punk rock.
I grew up on Punk roots, meaning I questioned everything, always seemed to be in trouble with some kind of authority, and really wondered just WHY people thought I was weird.
The way I can describe it, My Mother was a burnt-out junkie who stayed in bed all day and My Father was a straight-as-nails, morbid-yet-sensible man.
My Siblings and I were all very creative yet troubled.
My Twin Sister, to this day, is a lazy, uneducated slob with the maturity of someone six years her junior.
My Brother was an extremely violent, angry, sociopathic ex-crackhead, who seems to be settling down since he found out one of his friends was gay. Heh. Guess someone got in under the radar.

I know existance is, in fact, existance; and that we are not all just floating in the dream of a monumentous Universal Centepede in Deep Outer existance.....
But thats about it.
We create almost everything.
The Water of the Ocean is only as deep as the one swimming in it.

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