Sunday, September 12, 2010

Short Poem

I called up my mother
She'd had too much to drink
What's one pint to another?
As this woman might think.
Reluctantly, we sang verses
From the exact same song
It was two different bands
But she still got it wrong.
"The song's about a woman who was left by her man"
"The Song's about Suicide" I interrupted. "Understand?"
"My version is beautiful. Filled with a soul
Your version sounds like it was sung in a hole."
Mom, I interupted, Cant we agree?
Or is that such a problem, from a person like me?
Surely they sound different, but the message is there-
It's someone who's lost touch with a world in dispair.
But there's no use arguing, or taking the blame
You cant win a match with the creator of the game.

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