Friday, November 5, 2010

Poem for Lei

 Found your picture today
Havent seen you in quite a while
I kept looking at your face
I always remember: You'd never smile
And though the psycho-disease
never quite took complete hold
You'd probably die anyway,
or so I was told.

It's been terrifying
I keep having dreams when I'm awake
Some are so real; I'm left distraught
Doing several double-takes.
Some have  Cats jumping in spirals
I push-drag- and pull my own face
The mystic shapings are eye-fulls
I check around me just in case
While optics are busy bending physics
My heart's left to do as I please
Still held by the same glue
Solid- in some perma-freeze.
But you're still here, inside me
Hiding between my forhead and spine
Whether you yell or not
You wont tug me out of line

It's alright.
I wont be forever
It wont be quick
It wont go away
'Till the glue unsticks
But I've got presense
Left inside my skull
Though creepy and uneven
One moments' time inside is never dull.

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