Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blue chocolate dream

Had a dream last night.
I was working in a Starbucks. Not sure which one it was..Maybe a ficticious one I keep visiting in my head.
Anyways, all the girls I worked with had no idea what they were doing, but really didnt care. They had rich parents. Their mothers came in and suggested we play a game.
This game involved using some kind of blue chocolate I had never heard of before.
They rolled their eyes and told me to prepare the chocolate.
Apparently, I have to grind this chocolate with a razor.
I was doing an Ok job, but kept spilling a few at a time. They were slippery little buggers!
Anyways, this one woman insulted me, stating I was just some dirty young student, and made a comment I ate bugs.

This dream was probably from my subconscience hatred for anything bourgouise-class related or whatnot.
Maybe some of my own self esteem issues regarding finances as well.

DREAM: Nov. 25, 2010
WAKE UP: 8:00 AM

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