Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mid-Midlife crisis?

Anyone out there have a midlife crisis in their twenties?
I dont suppose you can really call them 'Midlife crisises", because who's to say people will even live to the age expected of them?

Most people really start to examine their lives around the age of 40 and above.
You know.....the children have moved out. The wife/husband's become 'comfortable' with being 1/8th of what they were when you met them, and those millions roads ahead of you when you were in your early twenties have dwindled down to one unpaved back-country unlighten road, somewhere outside of Lethbridge or Kamloops.

Well, I dont have a spouce or children.
I am in my early twenties.
I have completed Film School and am now working in a crappy electronics store, eerily simular to Walmart.
I dont know what the fuck I want to do with the rest of my life.
Debt and posession issues keep me from moving/travelling.
Not to mention strict border control in the United States. NO CANUCKS ALLOWED.

Acting in Vancouver is a joke. It's all sci-fi or commercials.
I dont want to become an alien or 'the colgate toothpaste' girl....God only knows with my teeth...
I am a young vegan buddhist punk with no direction in life.
I'm not that close with my family.
I am also a recovering junkie. Something I feel is weighing on me every day.


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