Monday, November 29, 2010

Mindless Ramble 3

Any time I've been traumatized- usually either from something my crack whore ex girlfriend did or something awful in the hands of a man on the street, I'd retreat back to wherever I was sleeping and just curl up for a good three hours.
Time sands still around these circumstances.
When someone I love or was close to dies, life goes by slower than tar.
Sure, one minute it was Thursday and then suddenly, it's Monday; but inside, you're still living Thursday.
It takes even longer to get your life back up to speed.
Some people just permanently remain living the day someone died.

Your body gets older.
You either grow or shrink.
Cut, dye, or grow your hair....
The days gone past just pile up like the countless sympathy emails from people who never really did give a damn about you or know your deceased.
But inside, you're still the age, mindset, and level of vulnerability you were when that loved one fell from the Earth.
We were all too young.

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